To send an email to the Chapter Leaders, Kevin and Debby Hunsaker, please fill out the Contact Us box below. 
If you need someone to talk to when you are having a sad day, or if you have questions about this group, please feel free to call any of the members below. You can also contact
the chapter leaders by email in the Contact Box on the right.

Chapter Leaders:

Debby & Kevin Hunsaker (Infant / Toddler) 
501-847-4102 (Bryant, AR) 
 email : 

Allison Henschel (teen daughter died by suicide) 
Cell 501-351-7069, home 501-851-1090 (Maumelle, AR)

Telephone Friends:

Sherre & Dale McGinley (Auto Accident) 501-888-1705 (East End, AR)  

Rhonda Henshaw (Teen Son Murdered) 501-767-6295 (Royal, AR)

Lauretta Tedford (Newborn) 501-327-5491 (Conway, AR)

Lesa & Bill Trousdale (Auto Accident) 501-758-2053 (North Little Rock, AR) 

O.D. Kumpe (Teen Suicide) 501-941-7198 (Cabot, AR)  

Joni Poole (Car Accident) 501-888-7238 (East End, AR)

Patti Stafford (Teen Daughter Murdered) 501-778-2920 (Benton, AR) 

Central AR Chapter Contact Information